Workplace drug testing essay

Workplace Drug Testing Essay

Repeated cross‐sections from the 2000 to 2001 National Household Surveys on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) and the 2002 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Drug testing under a state workers’ compensation law. Employment Drug testing is a proven failure, the only gain is the gain of public funds and reputations that politicians have gained through their active role in Drug testing To examine the nature and extent of the association between workplace drug testing and worker drug use. Get Your Custom Essay on Argumentative Essay On Drug Testing In The Workplace Analysis Just from $13,9/Page Drug Testing of Employees Drug Testing of Employees Drug testing in the workplace is a controversial topic with differing views between workplace safety and employee privacy. Argumentative Essay On Drug Testing In The Workplace. Drug testing is not required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. Introduction In today's workplace, drug testing has become a controversial matter. The protection of human life greatly overbalances the ethics of drug testing You have written a good essay in support of your point of view against workplace drug testing. Workplace drug testing has become more prevalent in American businesses. Drug testing unrelated to the reporting of a work-related injury or illness. Get Your Custom Essay on Argumentative Essay On Drug Testing In The Workplace Analysis Just from $13,9/Page Argumentative Essay On Drug Testing In The Workplace. Besides being in violation of your individual rights, drug testing causes workers to feel threatened by their workplace and actually causes them to have a lower moral and self-esteem In almost every career job, before workplace drug testing essay a new employee is hired, drug testing is administered. “The Supreme Court has ruled that while drug testing does infringe on an employee’s privacy, it may be necessary in order to protect the health and safety of others” (Midwest New Media, n.d.) Sample research paper on Drug Testing in the Workplace - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 5.00 (1 Vote) The use of drugs for recreational purposes has been greatly contested in many parts of the world Drug Testing in the Workplace essaysWe resolve that drug testing is an invasion of privacy and infringes on employees' personal rights. However many jobs stop at that point; not believing, or choosing to ignore the fact that employees may be using drugs. The punishments for a failed drug test can include rehabilitation, termination, and losing unemployment benefits. Drug testing has become a very big issue for many companies. In 2011, 57% of US companies conducted pre-employment drug testing as part of their recruitment process for reasons such as complying with federal and state regulations to lowering compensation insurance and healthcare costs during period of employment of newly-hire Drug Test Research PaperDrug Testing In The Workplace Drug Testing in the workplace can seem impersonal and invasive towards employees but it is a process that is done when an employer has reasonable suspicion that employees are using drugs at work coming from a variety of sources such as tips, accidents or behavioral problems, actual observation of drug use, and symptoms of drug usage Gaining information on drug testing is one of the ethical issues that have been discussed concerning the privacy and the rights of employees in an organisation. In a comprehensive 1994 report on workplace drug testing, the National Research Council remarked that “[i]n a period of about 20 years, urine.Yet there are so many disadvantages and holes in Drug testing that it costs our country billions of dollars every ear. Drug testing in our country does have its benefits. Drug testing in the workplace started happening in 1988 and till this day is still continuing. The courts maintained this interpretation until recently. From this research, it is clear that workplace drug testing is not very fruitful with regard to employees’ performance and integrity…. We will write a custom Essay on Drug testing at the workplace specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. The most important cause for the opposition to drug testing at work place is the invasion of privacy associated with it In her essay, “A Case against Workplace Drug Testing,” Debra R. This paper explains that, because employee performance is directly related to productivity, organizations have the right to introduce drug testing to find out if drugs are a cause of an employee's poor performance Pre-Employment Drug Testing: A Violation of Rights or the Way to Reduce Turnover. Buy exclusive Drug Testing in the Workplace essay or use for FREE. As a result, cases of workplace substance abuse have dropped significantly. Drug testing under other federal law, such as a U.S. Drug testing has become a very big issue for many companies. The program aims at ensuring that every person who benefits from welfare programs is not a drug addict and does not use the assistance provided by the government to continue their illegal activities Random drug testing. Even though some people argue that the process is both unfair and unnecessary, some classes of prospective should be tested. Rehab programs may have initiated the use of the urine testing, however, the government encouraged companies to implement drug-testing as a means to achieve drug-free workplaces and to improve productivity (Shepard 1998). There are probably a number of people who are undecided on this issue who might have found your arguments more compelling had you devoted more space to presenting the opposing viewpoint and rebutting it fully One of the justifications for workplace and drug testing by corporate is the fact that it is a requirement by the federal and state laws. On one hand, there is a reasonable justification for… Pages: 3 (833 words) · Type: Essay · Style: MLA · Bibliography Sources: ≈ 2.